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Intex 64953E Deluxe Dual Zone 22" King Air Mattress with Built In Air Pump

Intex 64953E Deluxe Dual Zone 22" King Air Mattress with Built In Air Pump

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Experience a new level of individualized comfort with the Intex King-Sized Dual Zone Comfort Air Mattress. By effortlessly turning the dial . you have the power to select and fine-tune your own preferred level of comfort on this incredibly spacious and ultra-luxurious air mattress.Equipped with the new Fast Fill III Multi-Chamber Built-in Pump . you can now adjust the personal firmness on each side of the bed . all without compromising the bed's overall structural integrity. Featuring a Dual Zone Technology deluxe pillow top . this air mattress is designed to optimize your sleep experience . while the soft dual-layer velvety top and sides ensure a smooth and comfortable sleeping surface. With its advanced horizontal Fiber-Tech interior . this sleeping pad enhances body contour and provides excellent support for a restful night.To further enhance your convenience . an additional storage bag is thoughtfully included for the times when the mattress is not in use. This feature makes it exceptionally effortless to neatly store and conveniently transport the air mattress as needed.Elevate your overall sleeping experience to new heights and indulge in the pure pleasure of personalized comfort by choosing the Deluxe Dual Zone King-Sized Air Mattress from Intex. It's your ultimate destination for the most comfortable and tailored rest you've ever experienced.

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